Hanan Dashti

Makeup Remover + Pure Radiance Serum Chamomile+ Strawberry

SKU: 006487

20 KD 31 KD

Makeup Remover:

Perfect for removing oil, layers of makeup and even hard-to-wash-off sunscreen. Easy to use, the silicon brush will give a gentle and soften the skin that leaves a long lasting.

- Suitable for all skin type.


Pure Radiance Serum:

Apply before the day cream on face and neck before the usual daily treatment.
Ideal facial treatment for all skin types.
Formulated with carefully selected, natural, vegan, safe, and plant-based ingredients, giving a beautiful and healthy skin.
Enriched with moisture sizing, soothing, smoothing, nourishing, anti-irritant, reinforcing and anti-wrinkle active ingredient.

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