Hanan Dashti

Vitamist Face Spray

SKU: 005460

9.500 KD

-This regenerating water based face spray tones and refreshes the skin, leaving a veil of nebulised droplets with a dewy effect. It reduces the skin irritation phenomena with a calming effect thanks to the rich composition of soothing plant extracts.

-Regenerating and antioxidant face spray, which instantly refreshes, fixes makeup, moisturizes the skin reducing redness.

-Provides an immediate feeling of comfort and regenerates the skin surface. The presence in the formulation of active ingredients with antiseptic and antibacterial action promotes protection against infectious agents.

-Ingredients: Lemon Extract, Cherry Extract, Cranberry, Aloe vera, Vitamin C & Panthenol

-Paraben free - Oil free - No animal tested - Vegan

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