Hanan Dashti

Voesh Pedi in a Box (4 Step) Ocean Refresh with Sugar Scrub


SKU: 101692

3 KD
The cleanest and most hygienic Spa Pedicure solution. How to Use?
- Fill a pedicure bowl with warm water and pour in Sea Salt Soak. Let feet soak for five minutes.2. Dry feet with a towel and apply Moisture Scrub. Massage into the lower legs and feet, focusing on any rough areas.3. Wash away the scrub and apply Mud Masque to the lower legs and feet. Then, wrap the legs and feet in a warm towel.4. Wait five minutes, then wipe away Mud Masque. Apply Massage Lotion to the feet and legs, massaging them in long, circular motions. Then, continue with the service as usual.
Key Ingredients
- Vegan,Paraben Free.

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