Hanan Dashti

Loose Powder

Mattifying Powder

الكود: 001297

3.500 KD 7 KD
Color: LS-3 Almond
LS-3 Almond
LS-1 Peppermint
LS-2 Shimmery Macarone
LS-3 Almond
LS-4 Cheesecake
LS-5 Cherry Vanilla
LS-6 Milkshake
LS-7 White Chocolate
LS-8 Frozen Yogurt
LS-9 Toffee Crunch
LS-10 Salted Caramel
LS-11 Caramel
LS-12 Cinnamon
LS-13 Ginger
LS-14 Brown Sugar
LS-15 Cookie Dough
LS-16 Cocoa
LS-17 Banana
Babys Breath

-The impalpable texture, enriched in rice powder, with a high absorbency, fixes the cream products, eliminates the glossy effect thanks to the high degree of absorbency.

-Suitable for all skin type.

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