Setting Boss Spray

Fixing Spray 100ml

9 KD

- Designed as a primer and setting spray, Pre Post can be applied before makeup, to create a light base; after makeup, as a finish; or during the day to refresh your makeup and face.

-  The final step is spritzing your made-up face with this light mist rich in moisturizing ingredients, creating a protective film that stops external stressors from attacking both your makeup and skin, resulting in longer lasting makeup wear and maintaining correct moisture levels. 

- A combination of latest generation biomimetic peptides, teamed with pure marine collagen, will ensure excellent anti-aging action, at the same time reducing deeper wrinkles, like vertical lines.

- Skin texture will be finer and imperfections less evident thanks to the addition of a resin derived from a plant native to Greece that only grows on the island of Chios.

- Treat yourself to a wonderful feeling of unprecedented freshness and make your complexion smoother and your makeup longer lasting! 

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