Hanan Dashti

Single Eyeshadow - Pink

Individual Shadows

الكود: 001721

4 KD
Color: ES-11 Marvelous
ES-11 Marvelous
ES-11 Marvelous
ES-13 Salmon
ES-15 Medium Peach
ES-17 Fuschia
ES-18 Magenta
ES-24 Mesmerize
ES-26 Melody
ES-27 Queen
ES-28 Secretive
ES-29 Freeze
ES-32 Rasberry
ES-33 Matte Coral
ES-63 Mauve
ES-66 Rosy Peach
ES-68 Mulch
ES-70 Shimmery Plum
ES-72 Blush Blush
ES-73 Dusty Pink
ES-85 Fair Pink
ES-86 Baby Pink
ES-87 Peach
ES-91 Deep Blush
ES-95 Everyday Pink

- Matte and shimmer.
-Perfect to create different fun and colorful looks.
-Available in over 100 colors. Easy to blend and no fallouts.

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