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Brides Foundation

SKU: 002030
13.600 KWD 17.000 KWD

- Color Imperfections of any kind are no match, for this HD-proof foundation offering maximum coverage and minimum visibility. Has an anti-aging moisturizer & SPF 15.

- Suitable for all skin type.
- Combine both shades to achieved your desired color or you can use any shade alone.

Apply the foundation with sweeping, circular motions, working from the center of the face outward. Begin with the forehead and move down to the neck.

This has extremely high percentage of ultra-refined pigments that retains supreme suppleness for the duration of it's wear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love to use this product before but now its texture is changed , there is little diffrence in texture and its become more expensive now.prive is high and not work like before plz bring old one back amd reduce the price . Thank u.

salwa Alenezi
bride foundation

bride foundation has been changed not like before the formuela it self different than before not full covering easly to peel of we need the old edition pls thank you

Fatema Alazmi
جميل جدًا

اللون جميل جدًا وثبات وابدا مايكتل

Seada الرشيدي



مهما اتكلم احس قليل بحقه صراحه .. اهنيج حنان على هالفونديشن الاكثر من روعه للمناسبات ثابت وبنفس الوقت مبين ان قلوي ... بس نطالب بعلبه يكون اكبر للجسم وبنفس الكثر او اكثر