Hanan Dashti

Single Eyeshadow - Brown

Individual Shadows

SKU: 001720

4 KD
Color: ES-10 Rose Beige
ES-10 Rose Beige
ES-10 Rose Beige
ES-12 Rose
ES-14 Light Peach
ES-34 Light Amber
ES-35 Golden Sand
ES-37 Texture
ES-54 Eggnog
ES-55 Burned Amber
ES-56 Brown Syrup
ES-58 Spice
ES-59 Coffee
ES-69 Cocoa
ES-84 Dark Chocolate
ES-92 Tanned
ES-93 Chocolate
ES-96 Light Peach
ES-97 Peach
ES-109 Beige
ES-110 Kasha
ES-111 Buff
ES-112 Sepia
ES-113 Deep Brown
ES-114 Sand Brown
ES-115 Cookie
ES-116 Antique Walnut
ES-117 Gingerbread
ES-118 Umber
ES-119 Dark Brown
ES-120 Mud Brown
ES-525 Peaches
ES-529 Calm

- Matte and shimmer.
-Perfect to create different fun and colorful looks.
-Available in over 100 colors. Easy to blend and no fallouts.

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